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- JoAnn T.

Radnor, PA
"Last summer we decided to sell our four-bedroom house in Rosemont, for it was an empty nest. While portions of the house were refurbished, other parts were in need of repair or replacement. Our goal was to clear a profit, post-mortgage. Initially Mike Eagle sent over a planner, who advised us how to improve the appearance of the home with a minimal investment. We were impressed that Mike knew such a person, for she gave us sound advice. Before we made any improvements, however, a buyer showed up from the neighborhood. Mike held down the buyer's less than reasonable demands, so that in the end we showed the profit we wanted.  This was the second property Mike had sold for me. He goes to the mat for his clients."

-Jan A.

without one or two bumps in the road. My house had mountains, not bumps! Michael and I worked together and accomplished what seemed like an impossible task."


Collegeville, PA
"My husband and I were SO happy we decided to use Michael to sell our house. I have only gone through the buying/selling process one other time before and discovered that some realtors just stick their sign on your lawn and leave. That was NOT the case with Michael. We talked at least once a week about the status of the house and his recommended strategy. He was never too pushy with us, but was definitely honest and kept us level-headed with our asking price. I'd definitely use Michael again in the future!"

-Kristen K.

Lansdale, PA

"Professional. Dedicated. Knowledgeable. Prompt. These are the words that describe Michael. With the way he handled himself, you'd think he was selling homes for 30 years. We were very impressed. My wife and I have strange work schedules, so we were concerned about having enough time to see the houses we wanted to look at, but Michael worked around our schedules with ease. He answered all of our questions and gave us invaluable advice. I highly recommend this real estate agent."

-James E.

Chadds Ford, PA
"I took my house off the market because the realtors with whom I was working didn't sell the place and they saw problems. Michael approached me and I thought I would listen to what he had to say, but I did not think that I would hire him as my realtor. When he asked me what I wanted, I told him that I wanted the house sold. He told me he would sell it. I laughed, but he was so sincere that I signed on the dotted line and within two weeks we had an offer! From the very beginning, because we had a family emergency, I asked Michael to communicate with me through texting.   It was great. I could think about his questions before answering, I wasn't tied up on the phone all the time and we both agreed that it was less stressful.  No sales go along